Gotham Funds

Gotham now has 16 funds. Half just a few months old. Oldest just over four years. Average ER 2%. But 15 of 16 have beaten their peers since inception by an average of 5%. Through January, the funds have $2.9B in AUM … most in their oldest three funds: Gotham Enhanced Return Fund (GENIX), Gotham Absolute Return Fund (GARIX), and Gotham Neutral Fund (GONIX). Gotham is top rated on the MFO Fund Family Scorecard.

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AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced (MBEAX)

Risk/return data for AMG Chicago Equity Partners Balanced (MBEAX), Lipper flexible portfolio peer group, Vanguard Balanced Index (VBINX – 60/40 passive) and Vanguard STAR (VGSTX – 60/40 active).

For readers interested in a quick glance at the raw data that we referred to in the February 2017 MBEAX profile, these tables might be helpful. The full data set, including other time periods and other measures, is available by entering MBEAX in the “fund ticker” window of the Multi-Search.

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