AQR Fund Family Performance Sagging

Latest MFO Fund Family Scorecard gives AQR a “Lower” grade. Of AQR’s 39 funds, 26 trail their peers since launch through April 2019 based on absolute return.

Fortunately, most of AQR’s AUM is in just five funds: Managed Futures Strategy (AQMIX), Style Premia Alternative (QSPIX), Large Cap Defensive Style (AUEIX), Long-Short Equity (QLEIX) and Large Cap Multi-Style (QCELX), which have all bested their peers since launch.

But it’s been a tough past year for two of these: Style Premia Alternative (QSPIX) and Long-Short Equity (QLEIX), each down 13-14%, particularly since alternatives tend to target investors with more moderate risk tolerance.

Hussman Funds

Since inception Hussman funds have been one of great destroyers of capital in the mutual fund industry, except for the fees they generate, which are currently as high as 2% per year. And even still, they maintain an AUM of $600M. Can you believe that?

Grandeur Peak

Grandeur Peak, recommended strongly by David (and Sam), continues to be an MFO Top Fund Family. All seven of its funds have beaten their peers handsomely since launch. Its two open funds, Global Stalwarts (GGSOX) and International Stalwarts (GISYX), have done particularly well this past year. That said, all seven are experiencing five months of drawdown.

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Natixis Sustainable Future

Perfect scores for young target-date fund series Natixis Sustainable Future. (David calls 1-2 yr old funds “Rookies.”) Honestly, hard to follow just who’s managing giving all the name changes. Still, hats-off. (Hope they … whoever they is … lock-in the “after-waivers” er.)

Fund Category Leaders by AUM

Vanguard by far has largest number of funds leading their respective categories in assets under management, as seen in table below. At 44, that’s almost 30% of the 155 categories Lipper tracks.

Pulling on this one a bit more … Vanguard has 178 funds in 81 categories,  so with 44 of its funds leading their categories in AUM, Vanguard leads more that half of the categories it “competes” in! Wow.

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