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QuickSearch replaces the "Miraculous MultiSearch" and Risk Profile tools from our main site. It will sort through thousands of funds for a few select criteria. Top-level risk and return metrics can be displayed for 20, 10, 5, 3 or 1 year periods.

The Asset Universe for QuickSearch is limited to Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). And, it will only screen for Oldest Share Class.

Search results for up to 300 funds matching specified criteria. If a search exceeds the display limit, QuickSearch will truncate funds with lowest APR. Or, you can refine search criteria.

Enter a single fund symbol (with radio buttton "Yes") to produce a detailed Risk Profile, which includes metrics and ratings for various evaluation periods, as applicable, and comparisons with various indices, reference funds, and category averages. Enter these shortcuts for the following: TBill - US 3-Month Treasury Bill Total Return Index, USBond - Barclays US Aggregate Total Return Index, US6040 - US Balanced SP500/USBond 60/40 Total Return Index, SP500 - S&P 500 Monthly Reinvested Index, and ACIxUS - MSCI All Country World minus US Gross Dividends Reinvested Index. Symbols searches are in addition to other criteria selected.
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MultiSearch found funds meeting your criteria, exceeding fund display limit. Only first funds with highest APR will be displayed. Or, you can narrow search with additional criteria.
Compare can be performed on 1 fund minimum and 10 funds maximum. Either refine search or select rows accordingly.
Correlations can be performed on 2 funds minimum and 12 funds maximum. Either refine search or select rows accordingly.
Please select rows you wish to delete (by clicking on them) before hitting Delete button.
Please select up to 25 rows (funds) to save to Watchlist. Either refine search or select rows accordingly.
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Note: Watchlists can be saved to your profile from the MultiSearch Results page via the Export button. So, a good way to test for candidate Watchlists is to run Search using the normal Symbol input entry or other criteria.
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QuickSearch Results

As of Month Ending June 2019
All risk and return metrics computed using monthly total returns, excluding any load, from Lipper Global Data Feed for U.S. funds and apply to display period indicated. The ratings methodology does not account for survivorship bias or category drift.

Some tips to using the table:
  • Sorting: Click headers to sort rows (hold Shift key for secondary/tertiary sorts).
  • Definitions: Hover over headers for short definitions of column metrics.
  • View: Set number of rows or eliminate empty cell dashes.
  • Export: Copy or Save results table in CSV format, or generate printer-friendly PDF.
  • Selection: Select individual rows (funds) by clicking on any non-hyperlinked cell in the row.
  • Hyperlinks: Symbols are hyperlinked to Risk Profiles. Categories hyperlinked to QuickSearch results of their respective categories.
  • Reset: Click "Reset" button to return to original search result and sort order.
Brief key to some table metrics (see Definitions page for complete and detailed glossary):

  • Great Owl:  GO  funds are top qunitile funds in their categories based on Martin for periods of 20, 10, 5 and 3 years, as applicable, oldest share class (OSC) only.

  • Fund Alarm Ratings: Three Alarm  TA  for bottom quintile absolute return in category for past 5, 3, and 1 year periods, OSC only; Honor Roll  HR  for top quintile.

  • Dash: An in-table dash (or empty cell) indicates the metric is not available or applicable.

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